SNF IRF & Inpatient Hospice Case Mix Group-Fast Finder

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The ICD-10-CM Fast Finder® — Case Mix Quick Pick card sets — one for Home Health and Hospice, and another for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Inpatient Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Hospitals, provide ICD-10-CM codes for covered diagnoses included in the reimbursement categories for these post-acute care services.

Reimbursement categories are the method by which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) determine the level of reimbursement. The Case Mix Quick Pick cards are convenient and reliable coding tools that provide complete and valid code selections for home health clinical dimension categories, hospice non-cancer diagnoses, skilled nursing RUG IV categories, rehabilitation impairment categories (RIC), and now feature complex wound categories and codes for LTCH.

Use these coding tools to determine reimbursement impacts related to the post-acute care diagnoses as reflected by the ICD-10-CM codes assigned.

Year 2019