Medicare Correct Coding Guide - eBook

Item No: PE3676
ISBN: 978-1-60151-943-6
Availability: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
Manufacturer: Optum360

Medicare Correct Coding Guide is a comprehensive manual that provides medical practices with correct coding policies, CCI edits, and the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule—all in one resource. Always up-todate and easy to use. This reference can help improve coding accuracy and reduce unbundling errors and the chance of audit.

Key Features and Benefits

Optum360 Edge—CCI edits, Medicare RVUs, and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs). Access it all in one easy-to-use listing.

Optum360 Edge—Unique edit icons. Instantly know why a code combination will not be paid separately.

Quarterly updates for one full year. Stay current as CMS implements changes.

Summary of Changes table. Quickly identify changes to your most frequently used codes.

Printed book or downloadable eBook. Your choice of formats.

Year 2020