MACRA Physician Quality Payment Program Guide - (Softbound)

Item No: QPP20
ISBN: 978-1-62254-673-2
Availability: Mar-2020
Manufacturer: Optum360

Get expert direction on the Quality Payment Program (QPP) mandated under MACRA, with emphasis on the two participation tracks: 1) the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and 2) Advanced Alternative Payment Systems (APMs). The 2020 edition will provide an overview of the program with information to get started or continue with the QPP. Also included are changes proposed and finalized by CMS applicable to the program year. Examples and decision trees assist clinicians in understanding how the program works and how to keep up-to-date with the program.

This manual explains, from the physician practice manager’s perspective, how the QPP works and what every clinician needs to know. Review eligibility, data submission methods, each of the four MIPS performance categories, APM scoring, and clinician Physician Quality and Resource Use Reports (QRURs). This manual is a concise guide with special features such as callouts, tables, diagrams, and examples to help clinicians participate in the QPP program, avoid payment penalties, and receive payment incentives.

Key Features and Benefits

Receive detailed information on reporting options, scoring, and much more.

Understand the bigger financial penalties and bonuses that accompany this payment program.

Learn about Advanced APMs including requirements to be a qualifying participant (QP), payments, and scoring.

Identify the crucial steps needed to avoid negative payment adjustments and how to become eligible for payment bonuses.

Year 2020