ICD-10-PCS Quick Reference Cards-2019

Item No: ITQR19
ISBN: 978-1-62254-450-9
Availability: Sep-2018
Manufacturer: Optum360

The ICD-10-PCS Quick Reference Cards are the perfect tool to guide you through the code “building” process. ICD-10-PCS requires the use of the code tables in the tabular section as well as supplemental tables found in appendixes to the code set. Codes must be “built” using a number of variables, including body system, root operation, body part, approach, device and qualifier. The values that make up these code components have precise definitions that are provided in the supplementary look-up tables as part of the ICD-10-PCS code set. These essential supplementary tables make up this set of quick reference cards to provide coding assistance at your fingertips.

Key Features and Benefits  

  • Optum360 EdgeCompanion resource for ICD-10-PCS compiled in an easy-to-use table format.Use with a codebook or coding software.
  • Optum360 EdgeConvenient set of cards. These quick reference cards are 8.5” x 11”double-sided sheets with ring closure.
  • Save time and increase productivity. Important coding reference information is consolidated in one place and includes:

o    Basic PCS Character Definitions

o    Body Systems (Medical/Surgical section)

o    Root Operation Groups (Medical/Surgical section)

o    Root Operation Definitions (Medical/Surgical section)

o    Root Operation Conversion Table

o    Body Part/Approach/Device Definitions

o    Body Part Key

o    Device Key and Device Aggregation Tables

o    Qualifier Definitions for Amputations (detachments)

o    Transplant/Grafting Tissue Type Definitions

o    Administration/Substance Key

Multiple and Discontinued Procedure Coding Guidance

Year 2019
Category ICD-10-PCS Quick Reference Cards