ICD-10 Essentials: Determining the Diagnosis-Ebook-2019

Item No: PEITEC19
ISBN: 978-1-62254-503-2
Availability: Oct-2018
Manufacturer: Optum360

ICD-10 Essentials: Determining the Diagnosis isa companion resource for ICD-10-CM that provides in-depth explanations of everything from the basic format and structure of the

ICD-10-CM code set to appropriate application of the coding conventions and guidelines to coding of complex conditions requiring multiple codes with specific sequencing requirements. Using coding examples and case studies, correct code assignment is explained with an emphasis on application of the coding and reporting guidelines.Illustrations, decision trees, and other coding tools designed to enhance understanding of ICD-10-CM and improve coding accuracy are key features in this reference.

Key Features and Benefits

Optum360 Edge —Hundredsof coding examples/case studies.Examples and case studiesillustrating application of each ICD-10-CM convention and guideline are provided.

Optum360 Edge —Coding rationale. Coding examples and case studies:

o Provide rationale for each ICD-10-CM code assigned
o Describe the disease, injury, or other condition being treated
o Define other relevant diagnostic and coding terms
o Compare and contrast similar conditions and identify the correct diagnosis code based on the documentation provided
o Identify and explain all applicable coding and reporting guidelinesas well as coding instructions in the tabular

Optum360 Edge —Designed for all levels of expertise.Coding examples and case studies tackle coding concepts ranging from basic to advanced.

Optum360 Edge — Illustrations. Both anatomical and disease/injury illustrations are provided to further enhance understanding.

Optum360 Edge — Comprehensive index. Quickly identify all relevant coding examples and case studies contained in Determining theDiagnosiswhen researching correct coding of specific conditions and correct application of coding guidelines.

Year 2019