HCPCS Fee Analyzer - (Spiral)

Item No: HPFA20
Availability: Feb-2020
Manufacturer: Optum360

HCPCS Fee Analyzer is a customized report that includes four percentiles of national charge data as well as locality-specific Medicare allowables for HCPCS codes. Revise your current fee schedule, negotiate a contract, or conduct competitive analysis. This resource will help you set fees, evaluate payer reimbursements, and negotiate with suppliers by referencing five data points compiled in one easy-to-use report.

Key Features and Benefits

Four reference points of charge data (25th, 50th, 75th, 85th percentiles). Perform competitive analyses with confidence and make more accurate adjustments of charges.

Real-life charge data from the FAIR Health Database of more than one billion current HCPCS charge records. Unique data to help you develop and maintain competitive fees while having defensible data during contract negotiations.

Customized reports with locality-specific Medicare fees. Multiple data points for complete fee and reimbursement analysis.

Printed book or data file. Choose from two format options.

Year 2020