Gastroenterology Charts -2017

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Item No: 18612
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Manufacturer: Optum360

Features and benefits

  •  Optum360 Edge — Optum Xpress Coding Matrix (designed and used exclusively by Optum360).Our patented, easy-to-use, streamlined tables present valid code options for each condition. 
  •  Optum360 Edge — Compact 6” X 9” Accordion Format. More codes, less space in our compact accordion format which provides 8-10 pages of specialty specific codes. 
  •  Optum360 Edge — Alphabetically organized tables. Main diagnostic terms are organized alphabetically into tables that contain a comprehensive list of valid codes within the diagnostic category. 
  •  Complete and Comprehensive Coverage by Specialty. Get expanded code selection options for diagnoses selected specifically for your specialty. 
  •  Valid Codes. Code directly from the tables contained in the Optum360 Xpress Coding Matrix with confidence. 
  •  Productivity Tool. The logical look-up format makes finding the right code easier. 
  •  Coding and Documentation Tool. Use these Fast Finders to drive documentation improvements under ICD-10-CM. 
  •  Convenient Work Flow Coding Tool. Rely on one at every work station.
  •  31 Specialties. Also Fast Finders for External Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Z-codes 
Year 2017
Category Gastroenterology Charts