E/M Office Visit Compendium 2021

E/M Office Visit Compendium 2021: Resources for understanding changes to CPT® coding for office visits. The E/M Compendium is your single source for understanding these changes. Drawing from content developed exclusively by the AMA from our top publications and online resources we have boiled down the important elements to the E/M changes into one publication.
Item No: OP504021
ISBN: 978-1-64016-042-2
Availability: 11/1/2020
Manufacturer: AMA

CPT® E/M (Evaluation and Management) codes are changing significantly for office visits for the 2021 code set year. The American Medical Association’s (AMA) latest title, E/M Office Visit Compendium 2021 provides guidance that simplifies and clarifies the new E/M Office & Outpatient Visit guidelines.

E/M Office Visit Compendium 2021 provides:

  • The ultimate reference source for the E/M Office Visit code changes
  • Insights from popular AMA curated content to help understand the changes
  • Resources for coding based on time or medical decision-making
  • Practical tools and case studies to help adapt and prepare for 2021


The impact of making this change is expected to be far-reaching, but can only be successful if coders, billers, physicians, and others are equipped to code and document correctly:

  • Impacts $25B in Medicare Part B Spend
  • Touches every specialty
  • First change to E/M coding in more than 25 years
  • Focuses office visit time on relevant medical topics


In order to be prepared for the proper documentation and coding changes on Jan.1, 2021, the AMA is providing tools and resources for Health IT providers, coding & billing community, medical billing institutions, etc. to implement the E/M code changes in order to clarify and simplify reporting guidelines.




• Top resources from authoritative AMA CPT® publications for a deep dive into the code changes, simplified logic for coding based on medical decision making or time, etc.

  • CPT® 2021 Professional Edition
  • CPT® Changes 2021: An Insider’s View


• Links to and highlights from digital resources

  • E/M Office Visit Change - An Overview Video clips from 2020 AMA CPT® Symposium
  • eLearning Modules on AMA Ed Hub


• Expert commentary and insightful answers to industry questions from the following resources

  • CPT® Assistant
  • CPT® Knowledge Base
  • Use cases to apply the coding logic to real-world scenarios 


• Quick reference tools

  • New risk table for medical decision making
  • New listing of what activities count towards time
  • Infographics and other tables
  • Typical patient descriptions
  • Detailed explanations of revisions to the E/M Services Guidelines
Year 2021