CPT Professional 2018 and CPT QuickRef APP Bundle

Item No: AP888018
ISBN: 978-1-62202-737-8
Manufacturer: AMA

The best print and digital sources for every CPT® coding decision can be found in this new package that includes one
spiral-bound copy of CPT® Professional 2018 and free access to all premium content available in the new
CPT® Quick Ref app.

Premium app content includes the following:

•Coding and Billing Pack.
Use your mobile device to access all CPT codes, AMA and CMS ‘95 and ‘97 guidelines, applicable
modifiers, procedural illustrations, clinical examples and links to relevant CPT® Assistant

•CPT Assistant Archive.
Access the full content of all CPT Assistant articles (1990–2017) using your mobile device.
The CPT Quick Ref  app and its premium content are accessible by iOS and Android mobile devices only via a QR code affixed to
the codebook. Premium content access is valid through Dec. 31, 2018.

The new fully loaded CPT QuickRef app combines the best of AMA’s CPT content with billing tools to help improve the accuracy
and efficiency of the work you perform.

Year 2018
Category CPT QuickRef APP Bundle