CPT Coding Essentials for Obstetrics and Gynecology 2017

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Item No: OP259017
ISBN: 978-1-62202-563-3
Manufacturer: AMA

Optimized for medical necessity and reimbursement understanding, this all-in-one resource focuses on the most important CPT and HCPCS codes for obstetrics and gynecology surgeries, plus medicine and ancillary services codes chosen by experts who have taken into consideration utilization, denial risk and complexity.

CPT® Coding Essentials optimizes both CPT and ICD-10 code selection with helpful CPT-to-ICD-10-CM crosswalks and detailed explanations of anatomy, physiology and documentation. In addition, for the first time in the same volume, verbatim guidelines and parenthetical information from the CPT codebook specific to obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) CPT codes can be found.

This is the ideal daily companion featuring useful, definitive specialty-specific coding information beyond what is provided in a full procedural code book.
OB/GYN coding and billing knowledge that otherwise might take years of experience or multiple resources to accumulate is
available in a single volume.

Year 2017
Category Obstetrics and Gynecology