CPT 2017 Professional Edition

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Item No: EP054117
ISBN: 978-1-62202-204-5
Availability: Immediate
Manufacturer: AMA

CPT® 2017 Professional Edition is the definitive AMA-authored resource to help health care professionals
correctly report and bill medical procedures and services.
Providers want accurate reimbursement. Payers want efficient claims processing. Since the CPT® code
set is a dynamic, ever-changing standard, an outdated codebook does not suffice. Correct reporting
and billing of medical procedures and services begins with CPT® 2017 Professional Edition.   
Only the AMA, with the help of physicians and other experts in the health care community, creates and
maintains the CPT code set. No other publisher can claim that. No other codebook can provide the
official guidelines to code medical services and procedures properly.
Noteworthy changes to the CPT 2017 code set will be found in the following sections and subsections:
Bone Biopsy; Physical Medicine; Laryngeal; Mammography; Hemodialysis Access; Vaccines; Drug
Testing and Moderate Sedation.  With this edition there is a new modifier and appendix for
synchronous telemedicine services

Year 2017
Category CPT Professional Edition