Clinical Documentation Improvement Desk Reference for ICD-10-CM & Procedure Coding — 2018

Item No: CDI18
ISBN: 978-1-62254-341-0
Availability: Nov-2017
Manufacturer: Optum360

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is not about how to code in ICD-10-CM or CPT® . CDI is knowing what to look for in medical records, as well as how to ask for clarification and get ongoing changes to the notes and comments provided by physicians. Important Note: The greater number of ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes means an even bigger need for detailed clinical documentation. Making the right code selection requires having adequate clinical detail, and under ICD-10-CM, clinician's documentation will—more than ever—translate into reimbursement gained or lost.

Features and benefits

  • Get 5 CEUsfrom AAPC and our certificate of "CDI Skills Proficiency" when you pass the online exam.
  • Diagnoses and procedures. Covers documentation for CPT® and HCPCS coding, and ICD-10-CM. Enhance your code selections with documentation requirements for all three coding systems.
  • Optum360 Edge—Includes the unique “ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Mapping” tables that maps clinical terms.An exclusive documentation resource that maps ICD-9-CM clinical terminology to the associated ICD-10-CM terms to speed finding the correct code.
  • Optum360 Edge—The “Clinician’s Checklist for ICD-10-CM.”Make copies of this handy tri-fold, pocketsize card for every clinician. Provides powerful documentation tips for the 5 most important chronic and acute conditions.
  • Physician documentation training.Show physicians what they need to document. Includes 21 detailed documentation checklists for the most common and complex medical conditions.
  • Don’t teach your clinicians to code ICD-10-CM.Instead, show them what you need for optimal code assignment.
  • See key terms.Confirm accurate code selection for every chapter of ICD-10-CM.
  • Know when ICD-10-CM differs dramatically from ICD-9-CM.Alerts and warnings in the text of this book call your attention to situations where ICD-10-CM coding protocols are different from ICD-9-CM and significantly affect code choices.
  • Streamline the query process.Show physicians which medical terms are essential to assigning codes in ICD-10-CM. Includes best practice query forms that get results without unduly influencing clinicians. 


Year 2018
Category ICD-10-CM and Procedure Coding