What Is HIPAA Risk Analysis And Its Requirement Under The Security Rule?

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Department of Health and Human Services requires all organizations, including HIPAA hosting providers to conduct a risk analysis as the first step towards implementing safeguards specifying in HIPAA security rule and ultimately achieving HIPAA compliance.

Risk Analysis Methodology

There are a variety of methods to conduct a HIPAA risk analysis. The methods described below works best during HIPAA online risk analysis.

  • Define scope by defining PHI flow in your environment: To identify your scope, define the areas of the organization you need to secure. You have to understand how patient data flow within organization. Main parts for scope include:-
  • Entering of PHI in your environment.
  • When it enters in system then what happens to it.
  • When PHI leaves the environment.
  • Where does PHI leaks
  • Identify vulnerabilities, threats and risks to your patient data: After knowing all the details of PHI and understanding problems within the scope, the next step is to find the problems within the scope. For this, you must identify vulnerabilities in the existing system and the threats exist for each vulnerability.
  • Analyze HIPAA risk level and potential impact: After analyzing all problems and threats you need to bring a list of risks and its impact on the organization. This risk and impact prioritization is the important step in the risk analysis.
  • Identify top security measures based on HIPAA risks: Now you have prioritized list of all security problems it’s time to start mitigating them. Identify all your security problems and take measures to fix that problem.

Risk Analysis Requirement under security rule

The security management process requires organization to implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain and correct security violations. Risk analysis is one of the required implementation specifications that provide instruction to implement the security management process standard.

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