Three Types of Medical Coding and Their Uses

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When we read about the term Medical Coding then we think about all Medical related things. Changes in Health lead to number of number of diseases which provide ways of diagnosis, specification of medicines and treatment of diseases. The term medical coding is related to conversion of health care procedures into medical alpha numeric codes. Sometimes medical coding is not practiced properly. Having proper information about the Medical Coding can give you a sign of relief. There are 3 types of medical codes used today.

1. ICD-10 coding: ICD stands for International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. It contains the causes, symptoms as well as the external causes of diseases.

This code provides the classification of 14400 codes and can also help in tracking new diagnoses. This system went to effect in US in 2015.This system widespread across the world and provides the best possible procedure and diagnosis. It helps in improving the value based reimbursement, outcome measurements, clinical, financial and administrative performance measurements. The first and foremost thing we should keep in mind is that ICD-10 has alpha numeric codes while ICD-9 uses numeric codes.

2. CPT– Current Procedural Terminology Code is used to report medical, surgical, and procedural code to the entities such as health insurance companies or organizations. They are used in conjunction with ICD-10 during electrical medical process. It is divided into 3 sub categories:

Procedures and Medical practices-It contains the 5 digit numeric codes that identify procedures or services that is approved by FDA(Food and Drug Administration).It includes evolution and management ,radiology, pathology ,medicines etc.

Tracking Codes for performance Measure-It consists of alpha numeric tracking codes that are used for performance measures and also includes the quality of care delivered.

Codes for emerging technologies, procedures and services-These codes are different from category 1 and may not be tested by FDA. The main purpose of these codes is to emerge new procedures and services.

3. HCPCS Level III– HCPCS referred as Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System. These codes are based on CPT .It was accustomed in 1976 and is used to describe specific items provided in delivery of Health care. These includes 3 levels of codes:

Level I –It consists of CPT and it is numeric.
Level II– They are alpha numeric and includes non physician services.
Level III– They are also called local codes and was developed by medical agencies, contractors and insurers.

This is just the introduction about medical coding and its uses. If you want to know more about them or want to buy a Medical Coding Book, eBook or any other resource you want visit at Coding Materials and choose from a wide variety of product.


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